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Rand Paster & Nelson LLP is a boutique law firm practicing in the fields of land use, government, municipal advocacy, and environmental law, including associated litigation. We provide strategic legal advice to guide our clients through the maze of local and statewide regulatory matters, helping them achieve their goals.

Our attorneys and planners have over 80 years of combined experience representing clients in all aspects of the development process. We enjoy close relationships with agency and local government staff, elected and appointed officials, design professionals, and technical consultants. This experience makes us particularly effective in navigating California’s complex land use environment and securing regulatory approvals for our clients’ residential, mixed-use, industrial, and commercial projects.

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We represent private and non-profit developers, REITS, investors, and property owners in all aspects of the land use and development process. We perform due diligence in connection with site acquisitions, develop and implement effective project entitlement strategies, oversee environmental review processes, and secure and defend regulatory approvals.

This includes advising our clients on compliance with state and local planning and zoning regulations, the California Environmental Quality Act, the Subdivision Map Act, the Coastal Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, local, state and federal historic laws, and the myriad of local and state laws and regulations governing the development of real property. We also defend those approvals in court in the event of any challenge and provide strategic litigation advice to clients during the development process in anticipation of such litigation.

We regularly coordinate large teams in connection with these projects, including architects, environmental consultants, and community relations and communications specialists. We also work closely with community stakeholders and elected officials to advocate for our clients’ projects.

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